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"You don't get in life what you want; you get in life what you are."
- Les Brown
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Audio Presentation

Paul Blackburn Live

Join Paul Blackburn, one of Australia's leading success coaches, live from the Property millionaires Live Seminar, as he shares the secrets to success that have not only helped his clients make millions in property and business, but also achieve success in all areas of life including weight loss and relationships. Listen as Paul reveals the amazing way of thinking that will help you overcome any obstacles blocking your success and sabotaging your financial freedom.

Paul Blackburn Live thumb
Paul Blackburn

Top Secrets About Healthy Relationships

A powerful e-report from SixWise.com. This 45-page guide provides you the world’s most useful secrets to achieve healthy relationships with your loved ones, peers and more. Use this guide to discover the impact and potential human emotion can have on your business and personal life.

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Printed Interview

Continual Change

Jack Fraenkel is a franchising expert, having spent many years in retail management. In this chapter, he reveals plenty of information about franchising - in addition to recruiting and training team members, competition, leadership, mergers and acquisitions, salespeople and...the list goes on. Plus, Jack reveals the funniest moment in his business career. So, if you want to know more about retailing, franchising or how one man, who was once made redundant, built a successful business, then keep reading!

Continual Change thumb
Jack Fraenkel

Facebook Profit Secrets

This highly informative ebook reveals the secrets and future trends for conducting business online. Learn how to harness the unlimited potential of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. In this ebook you'll discover how to build a full-time business online by utilising these website which have already been developed and designed to ensure your product receives mass exposure.

Facebook Profit Secrets thumb
Gobala Krishnan

Twitter For Business

Whether the siren’s call of Twitter has become too strong and you’ve jumped in or it is that you have no idea what Twitter is or why you should care, like many of us Twitter is a foreign tool unappreciated to the full potential benefit it can bring to you and your business. John Jantsch, creator of Duct Tape Marketing and touted as the ‘Worlds Most Practical Small Business Expert’, delivers a practical guide for business folk such as yourself, wrestling with yet another social media outpost.

Twitter For Business John Jantsch thumb
John Jantsch