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"You miss 100% of the shots you never take."
- Wayne Gretzky
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Audio Interview

Marketing Success Secrets

Former vice president for hair club for men, Tim Paulson grew the company from 8 offices to 69 and sold it for $210 million. Tim is also the founder and president of a marketing company called Prime-Time Business Institute, Inc. He is now Vice President of Pirana Marketing. This interview will reveal some of the secrets in marketing success so you can boost your business like you have never seen!

Marketing Success Secrets thumb
Tim Paulson
Audio Presentation

101 Lessons For Life

Join Dale Beaumont, best-selling author and creator of the Secrets Exposed series, as he takes you through 101 keys to success he discovered and applied from the very beginning. Learn how a few simple shifts in your actions and thinking can have a huge impact on your outcomes in business, family and health.

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Dale Beaumont
Printed Interview

A Free Spirit

Dreaming, planning and risking are three words that young adventurer, Jesse Martin is familiar with. At the age of 14, Jesse made the commitment of sailing solo around the world and four years later, despite plenty of opposition, he achieved his dream. Jesse's story is one of courage, patience, confidence, goal setting and an inspiration to anyone in life dreaming about fulfilling that ultimate adventure.

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Jesse Martin
Audio Presentation

Something's Gotta Change

International business woman, Yvonne Godfrey, has been financially free since her mid 20's. In this presentation Yvonne discusses the things we can and can’t change. You will discover why we tend to resist change until we are externally motivated. Yvonne will present to you how to change for a better quality of life, teaching you the keys to implement change and how to own your own process of change.

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Yvonne Godfrey
Audio Book Summary


What is it that inspires loyalty beyond reason? What does it take to make your customers fall in love with your brand? Why would some brands cause a riot if they were taken off the market? In this fascinating book summary, author Kevin Roberts explores the reasoning behind brands and how the power of 'love' can transform your brand and business.

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Kevin Roberts