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"Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."
- Henry Ford
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How To Take Control Of Your Life

Keith A. Shaw is the President of www.mindbodyspiritcentral.com an authority on motivation, success, qigong, fitness and happiness. In this excerpt from the seminar, “How To Take Control Of Your Life”, Keith talks about effective AND long-lasting secrets for laser-like concentration, self mastery, confidence, courage and more. These secrets have helped people to accomplish more of what they want in life, than they ever dreamed possible.

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Keith A. Shaw
Audio Presentation

Your Imagination Becomes Your Reality

We know that any state of mind doesn’t last forever, so international businesswoman and leader Yvonne Godfrey, speaking to a group of small business owners, uses this as inspiration for us all, with everyday an opportunity to let things go, shift your thinking and change your imagination so it becomes a different reality. Yvonne continues the theme of the conference, speaking about expanding your thinking from fear to confidence, from confusion to clarity and help mobilise yourself into action to achieve new goals.

Your Imagination Becomes Your Reality Yvonne Godfrey thumb
Yvonne Godfrey

Unstoppable Confidence

Brian Lucas is an international speaker on Entrepreneurship and increasing profits. Author of three best-selling books, Brian is also a Certified Financial Planner and a lecturer at the Australian Institute of Business Administration. You’ll learn how to get rid of negative and fixed notions about yourself and life. Discover how the common trait of successful people is their confidence in their goals and their abilities, and you too will learn how to gain this confidence.

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Brian Lucas
Printed Interview

Eye On The Future

Daniel Joyce's first business venture was a staffing agency, which he started with a friend while at university. After finishing his studies, they sold the business and Daniel accepted a job at Macquarie Bank. Then he stumbled across an important truth: he was an entrepreneur! In 2004, Daniel started researching into DVD vending machines and, with his business partner, started raising capital worth $1 million to fund the launch of Red Room DVD. With experience in business planning, team building and, now, franchising, Daniel's chapter is a great read for anyone willing to embrace technology.

Eye On The Future thumb
Daniel Joyce
Printed Interview

Environment Action

Do you know how much wastage your business creates or how much damage you do to the environment? Well, you will after you read this chapter. According to Jean Cannon, environmental management systems can increase profits, productivity, performance and improve public image and competitiveness, while helping the environment at the same time. Jean has applied these principles to building her own environment consultancy business. She explains how she overcame the challenges of building her business and the expanding options she explored when growing her business. And to think she knew nothing about profit and loss when she started? This chapter is for anyone wanting to build a business.

Environment Action thumb
Jean Cannon