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"Eighty percent of success is related to attitude rather than competency."
- Source Unknown
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Audio Book Summary

Time To Kick Butt

Rosie Pekar has been a policewoman, private investigator and independent business woman. With the restrictions of these tough, male-dominated professions, she developed her 'kick butt' mentality and sure-fire success methods.She is an author, motivator, and columnist, read by more than 60,000 entrepreneurs globally, and features regularly in the media. In this inspiring and motivating book summary, you'll discover the tools for how you too can 'kick butt' and get the results you want for your own life!

Time To Kick Butt Audio thumb
Rosemary Pekar
Printed Interview

Take A Stand

In this downloadable chapter, Tim Goodwin offers a young person's perspective of his country's present position. He speaks about his indigenous heritage, leadership, multiculturalism, sacrifice and contributes to the republic versus monarchy debate. For those people interested in gaining an insight into Australia's youth and to understand a young person's opinion of his native people, then this chapter is definitely for you!

Take A Stand thumb
Tim Goodwin
Audio Presentation

101 Lessons For Life

Join Dale Beaumont, best-selling author and creator of the Secrets Exposed series, as he takes you through 101 keys to success he discovered and applied from the very beginning. Learn how a few simple shifts in your actions and thinking can have a huge impact on your outcomes in business, family and health.

101 Lessons For Life thumb
Dale Beaumont
Printed Interview

Creating Momentum

Have you ever wondered how Harvey Norman grew into one of the biggest retailers of computers? Well, when Tony Gattari became the general manager of the computers and communications division, he increased the division's turnover from $12 million to $565 million. So, do you want to know how? In this chapter, Tony reveals what he learnt about marketing during his time at Harvey Norman and since starting his own consultancy and working with some big named corporations. His knowledge and experience will have an impact on any business owner currently growing their business or for anyone who simply want to improve their marketing and advertising results.

Creating Momentum thumb
Tony Gattari

Laws Of Success To Live By

If you're serious about being the best possible version of yourself, then you need to start with the basics. This e-workbook, created by Samantha McDonald, will guide you through all the different areas of your life, and help you identify what you could be doing better in order to be living a more peaceful, happy and productive life.

Laws Of Success To Live By thumb
Samantha McDonald