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"Well done is better than well said."
- Benjamin Franklin
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Printed Interview

Balance Boundaries

Kim McGuinness launched her highly respected company, Centrum Events, in 1999. She has successfully staged many events catering for between ten and 2,000 delegates, and engaged speakers ranging from the unsung heroes of the business world to the Prime Minister of Australia. In this chapter, Kim speaks about the importance of team building, networking, productivity and brand credibility. She is a motiving leader who understands the power of encouragement and the effectiveness of setting boundaries in life.

Balance Boundaries thumb
Kim McGuinness
Printed Interview

Global Vision

Irish-born, David Cunningham, established a career in the intense world of investment banking, before co-founding Shanghai Vision Ltd. His company sells residential real estate investments in Shanghai to non-Chinese overseas investors. Faced with having to sell something that customers could not see first is testimony to David's ability as a salesperson. It also serves as proof of his high energy-approach to building trust and rapport with overseas customers, hiring and motivating the right salespeople, focusing on goals and management. Find out more about David's sales journey!

Global Vision thumb
David Cunningham
Audio Book Summary

Who Says Elephants Can't Dance

When Lou Gerstner arrived at company IBM in 1993, it was a monolithic, huge corporation, suffering from cultural rigormortis. Over the next decade, both he and his team literally turned the company's fortunes around. By the time he resigned in 2002, IBM was back in full swing as market leader in information technology. In his own words, Gerstner had taught 'The elephant to dance!'

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Louis V. Gerstner
Printed Interview

Gender Rules

Candy Tymson has an entertaining presentation style and is a sought after speaker for topics on gender differences and customers service. In this downloadable chapter, Candy highlights the differences between women and men when it comes to communicating and presenting messages. Plus, she also includes her rulebook of things not to do when on stage.

Gender Rules thumb
Candy Tymson

Twits Guide To Getting Started With Twitter

If you’re looking to increase your visibility, extend your reach and grow your relationships with others in your industry, or attract huge numbers of potential customers to your site, then using Twitter is a powerful way of doing so. International author, speaker and founder of www.FabulousBeyondFortyClub.com and AccelerateInBusiness.com, Danette Hibberd, aka the Success Goddess, guides you through the basics of Twitter and how you can utilise this powerful tool for you and your business.

Twits Guide To Getting Started With Twitter Danette Hibberd thumb
Danette Hibberd