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"People may doubt what you say but they'll always believe what you do."
- Anonymous
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Audio Presentation

X10 Seminar - Search Engine Optimization Part 1

The late Ken Giddens was known as one of the most talented and experienced search engine experts on the planet. On this audio recording he discusses the techniques he uses to pull in millions of dollars a year from various websites all from search engine traffic that he doesn't have to pay for!

X10 Seminarsearch Engine Optimization Part 1 thumb
Ken Giddens
Book Summary

Conquer The Crash

We presently live in a time of abounding social optimism. Even suggesting that deflation and depression could occur is laughable to most experts. Today, Robert Rechter is again bucking the trend. In this book summary, 'Conquer The Crash', he draws the radical conclusion: we are about to face a huge, even unprecendented, economic bust. This book is crammed with evidence to support his theory and offers practical advice.

Conquer The Crash thumb
Robert R. Prechter Jr
Audio Interview

An Irresistible Offer

Tony Gattari, Chief Energy Officer of ‘Achievers Group’ has worked with over 110 businesses worldwide offering his business knowledge to over 200,000 people a month through various mediums. In this audio interview, Tony passionately explains why you need to create an ‘irresistible offer’ to consumers and how to go about this effective non-traditional approach to marketing. You will also discover from Tony why your best customer is the one you’ve already got.

An Irresistible Offer Tony Gattari thumb
Tony Gattari
Audio Presentation

Something's Gotta Change

International business woman, Yvonne Godfrey, has been financially free since her mid 20's. In this presentation Yvonne discusses the things we can and can’t change. You will discover why we tend to resist change until we are externally motivated. Yvonne will present to you how to change for a better quality of life, teaching you the keys to implement change and how to own your own process of change.

Somethings Gotta Change Yvonne Godfrey thumb
Yvonne Godfrey

Adrenaline Junkies

Do you get sick when you slow down? Do you frequently skip breakfast? Do you live life in fast forward? Do you thrive on deadlines? If so, you may be an adrenalin junkie. Don't panic - this book is a survival guide for those that live in the fast lane! Discover this powerfully packed ebook written by best-selling author Matt Church, one of Australia’s most established professional speakers and the founder of the global Thought Leaders movement.

Matt Church Adrenaline Junkies thumb
Matt Church