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"There was never a genius without a tincture of madness."
- Aristotle
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Book Summary

The 48 Laws Of Power - Part One

The 48 Laws Of Power is a training manual for the martial arts of command. In business and politics, every day is a tournament where we complete for supremacy. In this book summary, you'll learn principles from the most accomplished leaders in history, the secrets of the mastery of power. When you do, your success on the corporate battlefield, or in the corridors of political power, will be assured.

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Robert Greene
Printed Interview

Aim Of Marketing

Wish you could look into a crystal ball and foresee the position of your business? Although, Morris Miselowski doesn't have a crystal ball, he has built up a reputation as a leading business futurist and strategist. With his business strategy consultancy, Success through Focus, Morris's insights have been sought after to assist the daily operations of publicly listed companies, as well as welfare and human resource organisation.

Aim Of Marketing thumb
Morris Miselowski

The Bloggers Barrage

World renowned internet marketer and Private Label Rights expert, Edmund Loh, is highly recognised for producing top quality Private Label digital products at for the Internet Marketing industry. In this eBook, Edmund presents to you the blueprint of how you could build a full-time income by blogging, even if you’re a total newbie! You will learn where the money is for blogging, the common mistakes you should avoid and how to increase your blogs ‘stickability’.

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Edmund Loh
Printed Interview

Leaving A Legacy

When Darren Lomman was at university, he invested over 4,000 hours in designing and building a hand-controlled motorcycle that could be ridden by a person with paraplegia. Following on from his successful outcome, Darren went on to establish his business, Dreamfit. In an inspiring story of social responsibility and belief, Darren describes the dedication, commitment and resources it took to carry out a dream-fulfilling project. If you want to read his story and find out what he is up to now, then keep reading.

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Darren Lomman
Book Summary

Would You Like Attitude With That?

At age 25, with only $50 in his pocket, Justin Herald decided he would give his own business a go. With no prior business experience, he started 'Attitude Gear', which grew into a multi million-dollar company with products around the world. In this book summary, you will have a chance to understand and apply Justin's simple yet powerful recipe for business and personal success.

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Justin Herald