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"It takes vision and courage to create it takes faith and courage to prove."
- Owen D. Young
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Printed Interview

Ability To Leverage

Do you want to experience dramatic business growth by implementing effective marketing and advertising? That's what William Scott, the owner of Sales Marketing and Real Technology (SMART), did! At the age of 28, he is the employer of over 500 staff members in offices across Australia. Since SMART's inception, the company has grown 200% every year. It is now amongst the top three companies in the industry. In this downloadable chapter, William describes his journey and offers his knowledge on subjects like, advertising, branding, the media, databases researching, budgets and much more. Find out more about increasing your profits and growing your business by reading this chapter.

Ability To Leverage thumb
William Scott

Secrets Of Telemarketing Success

This information-packed e-book from Jenny Cartwright reveals some great secrets about how to make your telemarketing campaigns work. Covering such topics as what you need to get started, how to find good telemarketers, the right questions to ask to build rapport, and how to increase the dollar value of the sale, this will become a valuable resource for creating successful telemarketing campaigns.

Secrets Of Telemarketing Success thumb
Jenny Cartwright
Audio Book Summary

Survival Is Not Enough - Part 2

Why must companies embrace change in order to achieve great success? Seth Godin is one of the business world's most radical and renowned authors. In this valuable book summary, the former Yahoo executive and author explores one of the biggest challenges to companies today...change! Read on to find out how you can use your own ideas and harness inevitable change to create explosive growth and personal success that can transform your company and your life!

Survival Is Not Enoughpart 2 Audio thumb
Seth Godin
Printed Interview

Motherly Love

Carol Comer began building her business, High Impact Marketing Ltd, from the basement of her home. Since those early days, this female entrepreneur has used creativity and innovation as leveraging tools to build a multimillion-dollar business focused on exporting promotional products all around the world. Carol is committed to hiring staff members based on attitude and training and recognising them. If you want to know how Carol succeed in raising capital and building her business, then keep reading!

Motherly Love thumb
Carol Comer
Printed Interview

The Next Level

Torah Bright is one of the world's leading female snowboarders. In 2006, she overcame a shoulder injury to finish fifth in the women's halfpipe competition at the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. Her positive approach to life and individuality has led to much media attention and in this chapter she explains how she deals with that attention and the pressure of succeeding as an Australian in a snow sport.

The Next Level thumb
Torah Bright