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"Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you."
- Madeline Bridge
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Audio Interview

Find A Profitable Niche

Ben Stickland is the General Manager of software development company Alliance Software and is one of the creators of the latest cutting edge market research tool called Market Samurai. During this call Ben reveals how to uncover profitable online niche markets in literally 5 minutes using Market Samurai. He talks about a range of principles and strategies on both on-page and off-page factors. Ben also goes into detail by giving specific practical niche market examples.

Find A Profitable Niche thumb
Ben Stickland
Audio Book Summary

The Seven Day Weekend: Finding the Work/Life Balance

Ricardo Semler has been branded a Latin American revolutionary by many. His company, Semco, has been reengineered with no business plan, no goal or mission statement and no CEO! In his rather unorthodox approach to leadership, Semler has empowered his workforce to make key decisions and set their own personal challenges. With a growth rate of 40% per year, Semco is still one of Latin America's fastest growing companies. Read this exciting book summary to find out why!

The Seven Day Weekend Finding The Work Life Balance Audio thumb
Ricardo Semler
Audio Interview

7 Cold Calling Secrets Even The Sales Gurus Don't Know

Join Ari Galper, a world renowned sales expert and consultant, as he shares some of the secrets which have lead to a new generation of over-the-phone sales success. In this audio you'll discover the key to ensuring a customer will buy from you, as well as how to read each selling situation. Ari also provides a step-by-step break down of the sales process, and reveals which parts are the most crucial and how to master them.

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Ari Galper
Printed Interview

Getting It Right

Want to be an author? Well, you can! Lisa Messenger was working in events, sponsorship, marketing and public relations before she started her own publishing company when she decided to self-publish her first book. In this chapter, Lisa describes her experience producing her first book and reveals an innovative and unique approach to selling copies. Her insight into growing a business is not only motivating for aspiring authors, but also to anyone involved in marketing. Plus, she describes the funniest things that have ever happened in her business career (and you will be able to relate to them!).

Getting It Right thumb
Lisa Messenger

When They Zig You Zag

In this best-selling book (now no longer available in bookstores), author Siimon Reynolds shares 125 time tested principles which helped him to develop a $152 million company. Covering Goal Setting, Management, Leadership, Time Management, Negotiating Skills, Health and Entrepreneurial Mindset - the ideas contained in this eBook can literally make you are fortune.

When They Zig You Zag thumb
Siimon Reynolds