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"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."
- Nelson Mandela
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Printed Interview

Healing Power

Miriam Schafer has been traveling for the majority of her adult life - firstly with the Department of Foreign Affairs and then with the United Nations. It was from these experiences that Miriam learnt the value of tolerance and diversity. Eighteen moths after being transferred to the Gaza Strip, Miriam found that she needed a change in direction. So she returned to Australia and started up her Wholistic Life Coaching practice, where she focused on healing others. In this chapter, Miriam talks about healing in more detail and touches on failure, success and life.

Healing Power thumb
Miriam Schafer
Audio Presentation

Your True Self

Join Michael Adamedes, author and leading personal development speaker, as he speaks about attaining wealth and success beyond finances. In this presentation Michael will share how mastering your mindset is the key to creating balance and abundance in all areas of your life and how this will accelerate your financial wealth.

Your True Self thumb
Michael Adamedes
Audio Book Summary

100 Great Businesses

What do Microsoft, Chupa-chups, Liquid Paper, Ref Bull, Cornflakes and Post-it Notes have in common? All of these companies are household names across the globe! In this business book summary, you will hear of some of the greatest businesses of our time- and the people that created them. And whether you're a natural entrepreneur or just have a brilliant idea, you'll be intrigued, amazed and inspired to take your business to the next level.

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Emily Ross
Printed Interview

On And Off Line

Jim Zavos pioneered the introduction of DVDs into Australia by launching his online business, www.ezydvd.com.au. With the internet being relatively new at the time, Jim considered expanding his online business and later established specialist retail stores before franchising his business systems. If you want to know about building an online business, establishing positive customer relationships or marketing a unique selling proposition (USP) then read on!

On And Off Line thumb
Jim Zavos
Printed Interview

Tension To Trust

Ari Galper is the creator of Unlock The Game - a no pressure sales approach that refocuses the sales process away from closing a sale and toward building genuine trust with prospects. In this downloadable chapter, Ari presents sales in a different light and helps people realise that selling is not about trying to get people to buy things they do not want. In fact, he regards selling as another form of relationship building and suggests that salespeople adopt a natural approach when dealing with customers.

Tension To Trust thumb
Ari Galper