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"Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny; inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."
- Foster C. McClellen
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Joy In Relationships

At age 26, Lisa McInnes-Smith set a big goal - to positively affect the lives of one million Australian teenagers. It was a goal that was to change her life. Today, Lisa is recognised among the top inspirational speakers in the corporate world. In this chapter, Lisa focuses on the topic of relationships while she explores her career journey. Want to know more - goal setting, dreaming, habits, focusing and challenges - then keep reading!

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Lisa McInnes-Smith
Printed Interview

Eye On The Future

Daniel Joyce's first business venture was a staffing agency, which he started with a friend while at university. After finishing his studies, they sold the business and Daniel accepted a job at Macquarie Bank. Then he stumbled across an important truth: he was an entrepreneur! In 2004, Daniel started researching into DVD vending machines and, with his business partner, started raising capital worth $1 million to fund the launch of Red Room DVD. With experience in business planning, team building and, now, franchising, Daniel's chapter is a great read for anyone willing to embrace technology.

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Daniel Joyce
Audio Interview

Selling to different personality types

Tony Gattari, founder and CEO of business development company ‘Achievers Group’ has worked with over 110 businesses worldwide offering his business knowledge to over 200,000 people a month through ezines and articles. In this interview, Tony reveals how to improve your conversion rates through understanding the philosophy that the way you sell to people can be different to the way you buy yourself. Learn how to understand the personality first before applying the sales strategy.

Selling To Different Personality Types thumb
Tony Gattari
Printed Interview

Marketing Direct

John Rawson has sold a lot of things - encyclopaedias, insurance, vacuum cleaners, scales, massage chairs, barbecues, cars, labour hire, printing, advertising, office machinery, veterinary products, pots and pans, cleaning products, cookware and hardware - and all before I was 28. He reached the top of his profession as a salesperson before becoming self-employed and moving into direct marketing. He founded Demtel International, a business that became a household word in Australia and developed a reputation for being able to sell anything. If you want to learn some valuable information about selling, marketing and growing your business then this chapter is worth the read. 'But wait there's more!' John also reveals what he thinks will be the likely challenges for businesses in the future.

Marketing Direct thumb
John Rawson

The 7 Golden Rules of Renovation Success

In this special report by Sam Vannutiti, you'll learn how to renovate a property quickly, easily and cheaply, and then sell it for top dollar. Or use the equity to fund your next deal. Plus you'll learn the '8 Deadliest Renovation Mistakes' most other people make, and how to avoid them completely.

The 7 Golden Rules Of Renovation Success thumb
Sam Vannutini