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"Not in time, place, or circumstance, but in the man lies success."
- Charles B. Rouss
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How To Be On When You Have To

Andrew May has helped tens of thousands of people improve their day-to-day performance through his seminars, programs and products. Find out the keys to sustaining performance in our fast-paced world.

How To Be On When You Have To thumb
Andrew May
Audio Book Summary

Conquer The Crash

We presently live in a time of abounding social optimism. Even suggesting that deflation and depression could occur is laughable to most experts. Today, Robert Rechter is again bucking the trend. In this book summary, 'Conquer The Crash', he draws the radical conclusion: we are about to face a huge, even unprecedented, economic bust. This book is crammed with evidence to support his theory and offers practical advice.

Conquer The Crash Audio thumb
Robert R. Prechter Jr
Audio Interview

Developing The Most Effective Work Environment

Starting off as a occupational therapist, Dawn Piebenga had no expectation of becoming a highly successful business woman, yet today she runs the business 'Injury Management and Rehabilitation' with multiple offices spanning all over sydney. A drive to supply the best quality service possible is what has given Dawn her success and through this interview you will discover how she went about this.

Effective Work Environment thumb
Dawn Piebenga
Printed Interview

Life Skills

Jennifer Jefferies shares practical real-life strategies that help people to improve their health, wellbeing and productivity by finding balance in their lives. In this chapter she explores these topics in more detail and offers advice on staying sane and not burning out from stress. Her health strategies have not only improved the health of people around the world, but have also made drastic improvements to the productivity in numerous businesses. If you have dark rings around your eyes, have constant colds or can't sleep, then you will benefit from what Jennifer has to say.

Life Skills thumb
Jennifer Jefferies

Health, Wealth and Wisdom in the New Millennium

Best-selling author and Australia’s Wealth Coach™ Hans Jakobi teams up with internet entrepreneur international consultant on health and stress management and intuitive leadership Stephen Skelton, describing the necessary mindset and skills necessary for success in the new millennium. Though penned in 2000, this amazing eBook stays as relevant as ever, providing a comprehensive, provocative and insightful study at the beginning world we live in and the need to assume a mindset of simplicity, sustainability and wisdom.

Health Wealth Wisdom In The New Millenium Hans Jakobi thumb
Hans Jakobi