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How to DIY Website
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

I had enough of hearing local business owners being ripped off by web developers who just charged them too much for very little. I’m sure not building sites for them, but I’m happy to show them how to do it themselves!

I am aware that those arrows point to nothing, but this video is direct from How to DIY Website Click this link to visit the download page & get your Free Checklist at How to DIY Website

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Opportunity for Southern Gold Coast
Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Are you working too many hours in your business?
Do your staff have issues following your instructions?
Is your cashflow not as good as you’d hoped when starting out?

If you’re ready to move your business on, have a team of staff that loves working for you, have more cash in your pocket at the end of each week and take more holidays while your business grows in your absence, then get yourself along to the BBS workshop in Tweed heads on the 21st May.

Everything you need to know can be found at;

I look forward to seeing you there


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Are you listening???
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

One of the biggest weaknesses of most people in relationships and in business is that they don’t listen… that means really listen. Listening is different from hearing. Hearing is a physical act that we do with our ears. Listening is a mental act that we do with our brains. Most people who fail to listen do it not because they are poor hearers.

Many factors contribute to a person’s poor listening behavior or habits. They include, but are not limited to:

• distractions in the environment

• the other person’s body language

• the history of the relationship

• unresolved issues between the two people

• lack of interest in the subject

• the pace of the other person’s dialogue

• limited vocabulary of either person

• personal unresolved issues with either person

• personal prejudices or judgments of either person

• personality style differences

Any or all of these can get in the way of a person getting or understanding your message. Observe the other person’s non-verbal messages while you’re talking to him/her. She’ll tell you, without a doubt, whether she’s listening to you or not. If there is any doubt if he’s listening, ask him a question in the middle of one of your sentences. If he doesn’t answer, is there any reason to continue with the rest of the message as you’re doing? Then you have the chance to reframe your thoughts, and try another approach.

To improve your listening skills:

• stay focused on the other person

• look for the theme of the message

• key into the major points

• control distractions

• stay in the present

• make lots of eye contact, and use responses such as, “I see,” “uh    huh,”    “Hmmm,” “Really,” etc.

• pay attention to those things that draw your attention away from the other person and the message

Improved listening will have a tremendous and positive impact on all of your relationships, whether business or personal. Listening to others is one of the greatest compliments you can pay them.

Let me know how you go, I’d love to hear from you… I mean “Listen” to you!

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Reticular Activating System… how it works
Thursday, November 25th, 2010

When we can imagine a goal, visualize taking the steps necessary to gain that goal, a part of the Limbic system of the brain called the Reticular Activating system takes over and we guides us to do what it takes to achieve the desired result. The Reticular Activating System is the attention center in the brain. It is the key to “turning on your brain,” and seems to be the center of motivation. The Reticular Activating System is connected at its base to the spinal cord where it receives information projected directly from the ascending sensory tracts. The brain stem reticular formation runs all the way up to the mid brain. As a result, the Reticular Activating System is a very complex collection of neurons, which serve as a point of convergence for signals from the external world and from interior environment. In other words, it is the part of your brain where the world outside of you, and your thoughts and feelings from “inside” of you, meet.

Professional athletes have known this for years, and we know that our clients will continue to attract conditions and situations that are in harmony with their thinking. It is important that what is NOT wanted be avoided in thinking. What our minds can imagine, our bodies can produce, both positive AND negative. Take time to examine your self-talk, is it filled with negative words such as “try”, “should” “can’t”? If so, consider changes in your language patterns to develop a positive outlook, imagine the results and watch yourself take the steps to achieve them. Do yourself a favor; take moment and “RAISE YOUR RETICULAR”!!!

Reference: Eight Laws Of Mind and Thought That Affect Change
Ron Stubbs
August 2002

P.S. The poll is still open for your say… if you haven’t already, click here

A death in the family…
Thursday, November 18th, 2010

After a number of weeks of not writing, I feel I owe you an explanation. See, my Father-in-law passed away 6weeks ago which caused me to take some time out with the family. What I also have done is re-evaluate my life, and look at where I’m spending my time. A funeral so close is always a reminder to us that life is short, and to use our time in the best way we can.

Here’s a quick 1min video I shot for you

So, to have your say, and get the answers you need,
click here to take the survey

Have a fabulous weekend

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No matter what kind of income you’re on, or how much time you have, a few key wealth creation principals consistently applied will deliver outstanding results. It will shock you with it’s simplicity, and you’ll wonder “why isn’t everyone doing this?”

Well, I could run a 3day workshop on why they’re not doing it, but for now, sink your teeth into the gold nuggets of information available to you this week, and get the results you know are within your grasp.

Here’s this weeks video;

Have a fabulous week

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Fitness - How to stick with it?
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

My clients have been asking me lately, how do I keep myself doing the things I know I should be doing? I start a good exercise routine, I start getting results, then I get slack again.

I shot a quick video for you on my morning walk with the tips that help me;

Hope that helps you get your goals sooner. Till next week.

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A mud fight in a Wedding dress?
Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Why? you ask, well, Geoff & I celebrated 10yrs married last month, and we thought, “what a great opportunity to put on our wedding dress and go to a muddy creek for a mud fight”. Well, maybe it didn’t go exactly like that, but you can see all the photos and more in this weeks newsletter…

Here’s the link;

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Overcoming Fear & Anxiety
Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Overcoming Fear & Anxiety is a tough call, especially when we’ve held onto the fear for so long. Paul Blackburn from Beyond Success gives you tools that you can use to coach yourself through the release of those fears.

So, out of the chookyard, I talk to you about the guy who know’s his stuff in breaking through our own self imposed limitations.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, click on this link; Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

See you next week

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Get out of the chook yard!
Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Today, I come to you from the chookyard… why am I hanging out with chooks you ask? Well, around 10years ago, I heard a very powerful, and very relevant statement explaining why we stay stuck where we are.

What are the circumstances you see around you? Are they positive? Do the people you hang around have a positive mindset & expectation? How is their language? Not how clean is it, but do they speak using words of limitation or lack, or is there a sense of abundance and plenty?

Does it really make a difference who we hang around?

Watch this weeks video to find out what I’m doing sitting at a chookyard, what all this means and why I want you to join me next weekend in hanging out with some eagles.

If you have trouble viewing the above video, click this link; Chookyard Shelley

See you next week

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